Crave Series

The Crave Series is known, but not as popular as Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. Even though it isn't as popular, it still has some good Ratings




XxxPitlsaxxx's ReviewEdit

Crave Overview Edit

I had read this book and really think it is interesting. A Vampire falling for a Human is kind of similar to Romeo and Juliet. We don't know till the second book, Sacrifice, that his family calls her kind a abomination, since she is the daughter of a Vampire Father and Human Mother.

Characters Edit
  • Shay - She is a shy girl at first, but later when she meets Gabriel she falls for him as he does the same.
  • Gabriel - He was captured by Shay's stepfather Martin, so he can use his blood to test on Shay then helps him and they escape.
  • Martin - He is Shay's stepfather and found out in the second book, that he is just using her for the test and that he doesn't care about her anymore
  • Shay's Mother - She was in love with Shay's real father Sam, but in the second book we fine out that she married Martin instead becaus he didn't show up.
  • Olivia - She is Shay's best friend in the first book, but in the second book she thinks she is a monster and doesn't want anything to with her.
  • Kaz - He is her second friend and I'm not sure about him since he's mostly a side Character
Rating Edit

I would give it 4 stars, because I think it is interesting and it does draw you in. In other words, it's a page turner

Sacrifice Overview Edit

When reading this book, I found it had more of a story in this one.

Characters Edit
  • Sam - He was Shay's father and was killed by his own vampire family, because he was in love with a human
  • Earnest - He is Gabriel's father and wants him to not care about Shay and care about his family, but later in the book we find out that he also had a human wife
  • Tamara - She despises shay and views her as a abomination, but close to the end she decides to leave her vampire family.
  • Millie - She is a shy nice girl and close to the end of the book she thinks she should be on her own, but decides to stay with them.
  • Jon - He doesn't really stand out as much as the other characters. So he would be considered a side character like Kaz.
Rating Edit

I would give it 5 stars because it had more of a story than the first one.

Final ScoreEdit

Overall I would give it 41/2 stars and I hope the author would write a 3rd book, because I felt at the end of the second book it kind of felt like a cliffhanger.